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Welcome to our Support page. This is just one of the many areas that sets Lean Scheduling International apart from the competition. We pride ourselves in developing long term relationships with our customers. This is achieved by providing a first class service from initial contact all the way to our Post Sales Service, looking after customers for many years.

Indeed our existing customers are a great source of referrals for us because they know first hand, how we operate as an organization and as people. Often our working relationship develops into a strategic partnership as they move forward into the next stage of their growth.

Our Post-sale support service ensures that you have the necessary help and guidance when needed. Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling Support team are highly trained using Preactor software and its implementation process. Clients can purchase a number of Customer Support hours based upon what they feel their anticipated needs are. Your experienced LSI APS consultant will be able to guide you on how many hours you may wish to purchase.
We offer Pre & Post APS Sales Support services including:

  • Telephone Customer Support
  • Remote Operator Support 
  • Fast Track User Training 
  • Advanced Configuration Training courses 
  • Apps Training
  • New Features / Modifications
  • Preactor Software Upgrades



We offer Telephone Support to help customers with answers to specific scheduling questions or experiencing a difficulty. The APS Telephone Customer Support  hours are 8am to 5pm EST.


For clients that have Remote Access Software that wish us to see what is happening on their screen, we are able to view what is on their monitor and also take control of their pc, if required. (We can advise on software) This is almost as good as having one of our APS Preactor technicians at your premises. This support method can be used for demonstrating software solutions, doing presentations and solving problems.

PS Technical Support | Preactor Support | Pre-Sales | Post Sale | Training onsite trainingFAST TRACK USER TRAINING

Lean Scheduling International offers on site and offsite training options. We run Intensive courses at our Florida Headquarters in Sarasota. Course details can be found on our training page. The courses vary from Beginner to Advanced with a focus on the trainees following a specially prepared Fast Track Program so they can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

We are aware that not everyone who is going to be using Preactor is technical and one of the fundamental core values we have is that our training is geared to covering what the user needs to know to complete the task and not bombard them with unnecessary ‘technical mumbo jumbo’. Our clients often comment that we provide a training environment where ‘no question is stupid’ and our down to earth layman approach really makes the information easy to understand.

Our training can use our non specific demo training data that we have prepared internally or can be geared towards using simulated company data or your actual company data.


For customers that wish to do ongoing reconfiguration of their system, we offer and Advanced Configuration course. This course covers several areas including how to use the advanced features of the Preactor program itself, configuration of the interface, creating Reports, using PESP (a powerful scripting language for Preactor) and  the Visual Studio .net environment.

PS Technical Support | Preactor Support | Pre-Sales | Post Sale | Training preactor productsNEW FEATURES / MODIFICATIONS

As your company evolves over time, your needs and requirements from the APS system may also need to evolve. We are available for Post Implementation Modifications if desired. Contact your LSI APS consultant to discuss your requirements.


Preactor is continually breaking new ground and enhancing its capabilities and features with each version. Your Preactor license will normally allow updates with their annual maintenance program. We offer both onsite and offsite mini training courses to cover the modifications of the new version.